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January Goals

January is a time for resolutions resolutions and goal setting. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Mine was pretty special and didn’t disappoint! It was stressful, busy, fun, memorable and every time I think back I have a huge smile on my face! I hope it was the same for you too!

I haven’t been totally focused on the things I wanted to achieve. So I’m interested to see if my subconscious helped me out. Let’s recap on December’s goals..

Unwind and relax

I think it’s safe to say I did this as best as I could. After the wedding I took myself “out” for a while and stayed in my cave of solitude to recuperate. There was a lot of junk food, films, bubble baths and early nights. I felt much better for it so I’m glad I took the time to listen to myself and shut down shop for a week or so.

Make £150 From My Blog

Goal achieved! I made £200.19 to be exact and I was absolutely buzzing! I still can’t believe I’m actually making some decent money from a simple hobby and feel very lucky people are taking the time to read my content. It’s definitely spurred me on because it’s always scary when you occupy space on the internet that people actually read. There’s always niggling doubt in your mind that what you’re producing is crap and no one cares. Or the trolls with come out to taunt you. But if I needed validation for what I’m doing, this is certainly that. So thanks guys!

Say “I Do” Without Throwing Up

I said it and I handled the entire day a hell of a lot better than I ever anticipated. I was pretty calm and any anxiety I was having was buried pretty deep. My best friend told me that once you get to the bottom of the aisle and you see the person you’re going to marry at the end of it – all your worries go out the window and all you see is them. She was right of course. And as soon as I saw Karne I remembered it was all worth it and I completely forgot about anything else.

Do A 2018 Tarot Reading

I did this on New years Eve. In hindsight I should have done it on the New Moon on January 1st because a full moon to meant to capitalise on this heightened intuition and uncovering internal obstacles. that may be hindering you from achieving your goals/desires. But no matter! I’m going to do a blog post dedicated to this so I can revisit it every month, much like my goals, and look back as see how accurate/relevant my cards were.

Enrol In An Online Course

This is the only goal I didn’t achieve. I had so much going on in December and not long after the wedding I became pretty ill (stupid flu season). So I haven’t had the energy to look into or participate in anything other than to sleep and eat. But that’s okay! There’s no real time stamp on when I’d like to do this. As long as I do at some stage in the coming 365 days I’m happy!

I did alright didn’t I? Well done me for hitting some of my goals *pat on the back*. So moving on to January what do I want to do? I’m not all about this “New Year, New Me” stuff. If you want to make changes or a fresh start, I really don’t think it should be dictated by when the number at end of the year changes. I don’t intend to make any resolutions either. I’d be lying to myself if I said I was going to change for the better because I’m a pretty perfect version of what I am anyway. So why bother? I’d much rather stick to my monthly goals and do more of what makes me happy.

Get Organised – Being ill the last couple of weeks means I haven’t really spent a lot of time looking after the house or staying organised. So everything feels a little chaotic to me at the moment and it’s got me wound up pretty tight now. I feel like I need to burn it to the ground and start over!
Once I get over the last leg of this flu thing I intend to do a pre-spring clean and get everything neat and tidy. Tidy house, tidy mind as they say!

Stay Out of My Overdraft – I am terrible for this. There is absolutely no reason why I should ever hit the minus figures on my bank account and the only reason I do is because I spend my money on useless shit and food. I want to avoid that this month and be more responsible with my cash flow, so this will be a very conscious effort and a demonstration of self restraint I’m not sure I have, haha.

Upload Twice a Week –  I’ll post something new on Instagram every day or every other day. Then I’ll upload a new blog every Tuesday and Friday/Saturday. I’ve gotten accustomed to this routine but with December being pretty manic I slipped up a little. So I’m definitely going to focus on this goal and stay consistent.

Get Back Into Yoga – Having Fibromyalgia limits me to what kind of exercise I can actually do without over exerting myself or passing out. My blood pressure is so low I’m practically dead so doing much of anything is hard for me. But when I was doing this little and often at home I really did feel so much better for it. I felt alert and energised, I felt more flexible and I could see myself getting a little leaner. But I have a bad habit of not sticking to things so I’m going to incorporate this into my day. Even if it’s just for 10 minutes.

Apologise Less – I literally apologise to the couch if I walk into it. I apologise to people who are holding a door open for me, I apologise for anything and everything. It’s almost like I am apologising for existing and I shouldn’t feel the need to do that.
I’m not ashamed of the space I occupy in the world. I know my place and who I am and don’t need to apologise for anything. Unless of course I’ve genuinely screwed up.. in which case this is compulsory.
“Sorry” is a word that’s as loosely given as the word love. That makes me sad because it diminishes what it really means. So this month I won’t be apologising for anything other than when it is truly due. I’ll be interested to see the impact this has on my mental health too.

So there we have it – no resolutions, no crazy notions about overhauling myself as a person or changing the world. Just simple, achievable and positive goals for a better January.

Have you set yourself any resolutions or goals? Let me know in the comments below! ♡


  1. Ah Laura congrats on making money with your blog – what a huge step that is! Also, thanks for your lovely words on my blog – I really appreciate them!
    I have been following your blog for a while (on Instagram) and love it! Are you interestet in chatting a bit more and maybe do a collab sometime? 🙂
    If so, you can email me anytime!
    xx from Austria, Theresa

    • Thanks so much! It was a huge achievement for me, so I really appreciate your kind words!
      Very flattered to hear you’ve been following me too 🙂
      Absolutely, I’d love to chat more and collab in the future – that sounds like fun!

      Laura x