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Get Your Bedroom Autumn Ready ⋆ Ft. Yorkshire Linen

Autumn. Fall. Whatever you choose to call it, it’s my favourite time of year! Where I am sad to see the days shorten I just love the changing colours of the season and the fresh nip in the air that comes with it.
It’s a time to be cosy and warm, wrapped up in jumpers, scarves and layers. But It’s also a great excuse to give your bedroom and your home a little bit of a revamp! We do it when Spring rolls around, so why should Autumn be any different? So I’ve teamed up with The Yorkshire Linen Company to help give you some inspiration.

Who Are They?

Yorkshire Linen are a great online store for all your home decor needs. They have a pretty wide range of things to choose from plus their prices are a lot more forgiving on your bank balance than a lot of high street brands! Winner!

You can take so much inspiration from the great outdoors. Autumn is about warm tones of red, gold, orange, brown and even green, purple and deep blues. It’s so elegant and doesn’t have to be dreary. Get creative – you can take all of this and apply it to anything from the walls, your furniture and especially your bedding, curtains and other soft furnishings for final touches!

Dressing your windows gets missed out a lot. You generally move in somewhere slap up a pair of curtains and forget about them. Am I right? but they can make or break the overall theme of a room. Just make sure you get the right pair because they’re pretty essential for creating a better ambience and better sleep.

There’s no right or wrong – just be weary of darker colours if you have a smaller room, because it can make it feel a lot smaller. But if that’s the look you’re going for, then go crazy! There’s so many options for bold colours, prints or keep it nice and neutral. Blackout curtains are great to keep the light out in the morning, and voile’s help diffuse the light and create a dreamy atmosphere. Voile curtains are a wise pick for giving the perfect finishing touches to any bedroom style. Bring voile curtains for a nice looking bedroom – you can get them from Yorkshire Linen in many variations of colours and patterns.

I love natural colours to keep a room feeling roomy and love prints too, so here are a couple of my top picks: Woodland Tree Natural, Hemsworth Raspberry, Willow Print Voile, Mykonos Stripe Voile, Balmoral Natural.

I freaking love cushions, pillows and throws. I know they don’t really serve much of a purpose and the majority of the time they just end up on the floor, but these little touches are what makes a room feel super comfy!
I’ve fallen in love with the Cuddly Natural Throw on The Yorkshire Linen website. It just looks so soft and cosy! and their Chunky Knitted Throw is so cute and would give you a nice touch of texture on your bed.

When it comes to cushions, I like it when they’re not all uniform and are all a little different. I especially love the Stag Tapestry, Heritage Check, Jumbo Spice and the Ochre Roma Crushed Velvet cushions! If that’s not an Autumn leaf I don’t know what is.

Ahhh, my kryptonite. If me and the other half go shopping and end up in a soft furnishings shop.. I will get dragged away and escorted away from the bedding section, because I just go nuts. I start redecorating my entire room in my head which leads to all sorts of trouble and I don’t know how many times I’ve heard Karne say “we don’t need another duvet!”.

I also think it’s really nice to get fleece sheets for this time of year, because it helps to keep you nice and warm and avoids that freezing cold bed issue.

A few of my favourites

The Natural Stag, Woodstock Blue, Boulevard Oyster and Alicia Plum. These are all really pretty! Teamed with the right combination of throws and pillows they’ll turn your room into a haven.
If you’re not much of a “print” fan then the Balmoral set in silver or white look really luxurious and would go great with accent pillows to tie it all together.

If you have any tips or tricks to help revamp your room I’d love to hear them. Let me know in the comments below how you’ll be introducing Autumn into your home!

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    • Thank you! Autumnal colours are the best. So warm and inviting. Gives you that cosy feeling 🙂

  1. We definitely need to update our curtains! While we don’t full-on decorate, we try to switch up the colours of our pillows and linen according to the season.

  2. I love this post. Your colors for autumn are great and I agree with you on pillows! You can never have enough. That is one of the easiest ways to liven and change up a room. I like to buy pillow covers and switch them out here and there. They take up a lot less space when stored and you can really get creative. The plus is that they’re pretty inexpensive!